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Patuxent Commons represents an opportunity to move beyond outdated notions of housing segregated by ability and age and disconnected from purpose. With aggressive, catalytic action, a new kind of community is possible: one that addresses the housing needs of adults with disabilities while drawing on the potential of people of all ages, income and abilities to build a supportive community.

The due diligence work undertaken by the Task Force over the past 12 months has demonstrated that Patuxent Commons is a programmatically viable and financially feasible concept, with excellent market potential for its intended demographic.

But to bring this concept to life, new partners with critical experience and expertise are needed. A current priority for the Task Force is to engage a real estate developer or development team with expertise in affordable, mixed income and/or disability supportive housing who can execute the vision for Patuxent Commons.

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A community like this would provide my daughter with affordable housing but also an opportunity to flourish among neighbors of different ages and abilities. It’s a powerful idea that’s time has come.
— Karen, mother of an adult daughter with disabilities

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